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This page is dedicated to the Queen of Maddness and Insanity in Magic Knight Rayearth, Nova!



Juri-chan's view on Nova:

The English Nova is less scary than the Japanese Nova. I was toughroughly scared by the Japanese Nova, who would be speaking softly and calmly one second, then the next screaming and ranting. *shudder* Nova is just Nova. She's a psycho. She's insane. She has earned her spot here in the Insanity Club and the title of Queen of Maddness and Insanity in MKR. Let's just say she scares me.

Cat's view on Nova:
Nova is a PSYCHO! And the only one I have found so far who could match Dilandau. Wouldn't they make a cute, if terrifying, couple?? Lets see, Nova is yet another one of those pshcotic pyromainiac people with a killing fetish. But she's soo cute! You just kinda want to go pat her on the head until she does that freaky tiny puiple thing on you.

This is our mini Nova picture gallery. It will get bigger. I(Juri-chan) must differentiate the insane pics from the normal pics of Nova. I'm not sure how long it will be before Nova's Gallery is updated, but it will be updated with more insane and scary pics of her, that I can promise you. Enjoy your sanity before you get a glimpse of Nova, her royal Insaneness.